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Benefits of Solar System Installation in Central Florida

Discover the Many Benefits of Choosing Solar Energy to Power Your Home

Make Use of Our 230+ Days of Annual Sunshine! 

They don’t call Florida the “Sunshine State” for nothing! Take advantage of our average of 230 days of sunshine a year by putting all of that clean, green energy to use in powering your home! Even if it’s cloudy, your solar system is still generating energy for you, making it an excellent investment today and well into the future!

Reduce the High Cost of Energy Bills

With so much sunshine in Central Florida, solar energy is a smart choice to help reduce the high cost of your energy bills. Depending on the size of your solar system installation, how much energy you use each day throughout your home, and the amount of sunlight your panels receive, you may be able to offset a large part, if not all, of your electricity costs. 

Solar System Installation Won't Increase Your Property Taxes

A property tax exemption is available for Florida residents who choose to have a residential solar system installed. That means that value added to your home as a result of installing solar panels won’t make your property taxes go up! In addition, the federal government currently offers the Investment Tax Credit or ITC which lets you deduct a certain percentage of your solar system installation costs off of your federal taxes. However, incentives like this are subject to change so it’s important to check with your solar system installation contractor in order to get the most current details on the tax incentive situation for solar panels.

...But It Will Increase Your Property Values! 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar power is clean and renewable which makes it an excellent alternative to carbon dioxide-emitting fossil fuels. By having a solar system installed in Central Florida, you’re helping to lessen the burden of climate change while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Become More Independent from the Energy Grid

Central Florida can be particularly vulnerable to wind and storm damage. Solar power, particularly when paired with battery storage, can give you a measure of independence from the energy grid. This helps minimize power disruptions in vulnerable areas and lesses your reliance on the nationwide energy grid.

Easy to Maintain, Superior Durability

Solar panels are built to last and require little maintenance. If cleaned just 1-2 times per year, they’ll continue to perform at their best. Our solar system installation and our experience working in and around Central Florida means we know how to install solar panels to withstand Florida’s occasional heavy wind and rain. Plus, our solar installation comes with an unbeatable warranty, giving you even greater peace of mind.

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Central Homes Roofing just finished our replacement roof and what a great job they did. Robert did an excellent job staying in communication and making the process super easy and is a man of his word! Shane our superintendent also did an excellent job making sure the roof was 100% and the quality reflects that. I would and will be referring to our neighbors!


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